What Are You Wishing For? Jeff Siewert, Phil Hennen, Myra Waldrop

/Verse 1/

Itís Wednesday morning,

the day must be just standing still

The stuff they want me to do ain't no thrill

I wish my work day was over, I'd be headed for the house

Iíd be cooking dinner, Iíd be watching Mighty Mouse


Every day ends, sometimes you want no more

Every day ends, but what are you wishing for?

/Verse 2/

Itís Thursday afternoon,

And the week must be standing still

The things they want me to do, well I've had my fill.

I wish this week was over, Iíd be shopping at the mall

Iíd be picking out some new shoes, I'd be struttin' down the hall.


Every week ends, and you're too tired and sore

A new week begins, but what are you wishing for?

/Verse 3/

Itís January 4rth,

They must think I 'm some kind of fool.

Itís bone chillin' cold, and that just ain't cool.

I wish the winter was over, Iíd be on my way to the lake

I'd be poppiní a cold brew, takin' a real nice break.


Every year ends, often you wish for more

A new year begins, which are you wishing for?

/guitar solo/

/Ending chorus/

When youíre wishing for things to end

It might come sooner than you think

When youíre wishing for things to end

You might not be be as ready as you think ? ã 2004