Steveís Car

/Verse 1/

When he gets in his car

It makes him think of life

The windshield right there for the view

Nothing would get missed

That makes the ride all so worthwhile

/Verse 2/

When he needs to get somewhere

He knows to check the tires

The steering wheel lets him point the way

To miss the bumps

that make the ride a bit too rough


As you drive down lifeís highway

Keep your eyes to the front

Just a glance in the rear-view

Youíll want to look longer,

but itís best if you donít

/Verse 3/

He took some time and told us

How life has its ups and downs

One minute everything is OK

The next thing you know

You gotta be driviní out of town

/Repeat Chorus /

/Ending /

Thatís a ride in Steveís car